Community - Socially Vibrant

We all have a deep and intrinsic connection to each other. Scientists, philosophers and sociologists have unequivocally found that the basis for our happiness lies in our social context, our community. Yet, contemporary design does not encourage the development of these social patterns.

We are seeking to understand the social consequences of built form and space, functional organization and use, as well as ownership and governance. We are also seeking to revitalize civic virtue that we have abandoned during our pursuit to rapid development.

Our challenge is to examine the social predisposition of the typical North American “consumer” and create a community typology and standard of housing that encourages a sense of individual and community responsibility to both the environment and future generations.

Hynes' Developments' projects are designed to encourage positive interactions between people and enhance feelings of belonging, responsibility, and well-being, in a way that would be familiar to people who live in small European towns.

To capture the sense of a village and make it a functioning environment, social amenities must be present. The provision of social services for public gathering aids in fuelling and maintaining social objectives. Providing gathering places such as coffee houses, small boutiques, bike shops, a bakery, a butcher and so on creates a welcoming environment. Visit our projects and learn how we incorporate these community amenities into our developments.