Village Economy

The success of our buildings is dependent on a healthy and well functioning local economy. When planned properly, large scale developments can help create local economic activity, which has the added benefit of providing a friendly and active common realm for residential and live/work users. The framework of Hynes Developments is designed to fuel economic growth by providing a wide variety of commercial spaces, from small live/work studios with ground floor commercial to large retail spaces. The commercial resources are wide ranging in use and directly connected to the residential and live/work spaces. They are highly accessible by walking, and create a lively and interesting place to be.

We study a wide variety of social and economic complimentarities, with many practical examples that meet local needs in novel and interesting ways. An example is our village health care model. This will be implemented first in Seylynn Village in the District of North Vancouver, BC. We are designing a superior medical clinic intended to focus on family and pediatric practice. Superb facilities will combine with a highly localized practice model to provide the kind of personal service that was common to family practice a generation ago. Medical personnel will be attracted by the provision of free high quality residential accomodation for the duration of their employment in the clinic and by the close knit community they will serve.

Our fundamental goal is to create places that people care about. We believe that if people love their home and community, it makes it easy to be advocates for humanity, a building block towards the betterment of society.