Hynes Developments is founded on a strong sense of social and environmental sustainability. We believe that the two goals merge in a larger vision of the future, a vision that promises new ways of life that align our social and ecological sensibilities. We believe that an environment that promotes social integration and self esteem also and equally promotes ecological awareness, and that this can be reduced simply to saying that we care about the places we love.

We all have a vested interest in protecting our environment. But much of the existing infrastructure within our cities is both inefficient and vulnerable to failure. Better distributed and integrated organization can solve both these problems and have the further benefit of creating complimentary relationships with other requirements and uses. An example is the use of industrial waste heat for residential heating.

Our building designs are environmentally sensitive in two important ways:

First, our buildings are designed to reduce demand on conventional mechanisms. Nature should be viewed as a fundamental element of design, and not something to be resisted through design. An example is the idea that compass position and other site characteristics can be best met by directionally optimized building surfaces. In Vancouver, north facing surfaces are always shaded, while west facing surfaces receive the long afternoon sun, creating significant solar gain in west facing high rise units. The traditional approach is to design a consistent building exterior that looks the same from every direction, and while this may appeal to a primitive sense of sculptural consistency, it does nothing to meet directional conditions, which are then left mainly to energy intensive mechanical system and other awkward contrivances. Prevailing site conditions are best met by highly optimized facades, which create high rise designs that look distinctly different on each side. Large scale use of surfaces that are not Exterior screening, preferably movable, best meet afternoon, sun But Our building designs reflect the fundamental lessons of nature. They seek not to decorate nature, but be a part of it. They incorporate the resources that are already provided so that we can conserve energy and promote efficiency.

Second, where passive design initiatives cannot satisfy our needs, we both design and implement environmentally friendly technological solutions to create truly green buildings. Complimentary energy sytems, high effieciency geo-exchange heating and innovative district energy programs combine with advanced consumption management and sensitive metering programs to produce buildings that are easy to manage and offer their users great flexibility in personal optimization and usage patterns. An example is the inclusion of a state of the art high density computer server complex, which provides residents and businesses with unparalled network access and IT infrastructure, allowing a new class of non-commutting live/work resident, and also providing large amounts of immediately usable heat for the entire development.